Project Description


Nowadays you travel, you meet people, you visit new places, but often you focus only on what your eyes capture. You look at things in a superficial way, you notice, you perceive, but you don’t always dig deep to discover the hidden essence.
The goal of the project is to bring the audience beyond appearances, overcome their limits, look with the eyes of the soul to rediscover the essence of humanity.
The eye, at the centre of the project, breaks down. The iris explodes in a kaleidoscope of colours shown on 25 walls and becomes white. The pupil, instead, is the place where the action takes place, “can you see me now?”. Through a camera a picture of the eye of the visitor is taken and it becomes the card of a puzzle of emotions that are summarized in three key words “Vedo Amo Creo” “I see, I love, I create”. The visitor receives a message, with a colour and its emotional characteristics together with the photo of the eye of another related visitor. With whom he can choose to get in touch, in order to broaden human connections going beyond the typical nowadays appearance of social networks.